A Natural Wedding Trend...


Our wedding coordinators always spend time conducting research into current wedding trends to pass on extensive knowledge and ideas to our brides. 

We have noticed a strong focus and move towards natural weddings. From farm sheds to ocean views and no shoes to leather boots, we are noticing more brides wanting to take things back to nature, creating a relaxed feeling.

Although venue plays a huge part in demonstrating this theme (and for us it's our panoramic views of one of natures' most precious gems; the ocean), we have taken a look into some finer details which can accentuate the natural wedding theme.

Some ideas to take note of in this trend are for example; semi-naked cakes. These cakes are more natural looking with limited icing and are usually accompanied by flowers or decorations to add flair. Here are a few we liked from Sweet Boutique Custom Cakes;

Another trend is natural bouquets! Where we used to see solid colour arrangements full of roses and hydrangeas, we now see copious amounts of green infill. A few popular native flowers we see are proteas, waratahs, flannel flowers and even Eucalyptus leaves! These make stunning full centrepieces, are usually more affordable and look healthier for longer. See a few of our favourites from Geelong's Flower Dispensary;

Natural table arrangements are also one of the biggest opportunity to capitalise on your chosen wedding theme; either going cheap, easy and small or expensive, intricate and OTT. The rustic look is most certainly very popular at the moment, with many table arrangements becoming a cross-bridge between classy and relaxed. This is what your guests are placed in front of for at least four or so hours, so there is importance placed on a comfortable feeling but still visually appealing.

Finally, another element of modern weddings which is becoming very popular is handwritten stationery! This trend makes communication between a couple and their wedding guests so much more personal. Whether a handwritten font or the brides own handwriting, the guest is likely to feel more personally touched. (Images below - credit to Elm Paper).

If you would like any further information on decorating ideas for your wedding, whether traditional or modern themed, please call one of our experienced wedding coordinators a call on 5261 1561 or email your enquiry to events@surfcoasthotel.com.au. We're more than happy to help!